Welcome to the family page of the wvnextgen.org website. On this page you will find resources by grade level that you can use to support learning for your child. Families of children in grades 3-11 will also find information about the West Virginia General Summative Assessment, including tips for better understanding your child's most recent assessment results.

To learn more about your child's experience, please choose the grade level your child will attend during the next school year.

Family Communication

Families play a crucial role in the educational process. There are many ways that families can extend learning opportunities for their children outside of the classroom. Here are a few examples:

Encourage questions and explore answers (especially questions whose answers are not yes or no).
Why do you think the leaves fall off the trees every year?
Explain and discuss issues or problems in your house, neighborhood and community. Brainstorm solutions.
How can we resolve conflicts with our brothers and sisters?
Give reasons - you to them and them to you.
I decided to go to the grocery store first because the traffic will be heavier during rush hour.
Why do you think we should have ________ for dinner?
Look for patterns.
What do you notice about the way these flowers are planted? Why would they be in a straight line on the east side of the house?
Tell your children what you value and why.
I enjoy reading the newspaper every morning to know what's going on in our community and our world.
Encourage and celebrate opinions.
I can tell you put a lot of thought into your response. It makes a lot of sense to me.
Compare how things are alike and different.
What do all of your favorite movies have in common?